Generation of what? Education… well kind of

We ARE the generation (okay century, but generation sounds better 😉 of education. Aka the generation of OVER-education. Yup. We are the most over-stimulated, over-stressed, over-diseased, over-medicated, over-thinking, over-you-name-it … over-“educated” generation to this day. Also known as the generation of excess.

So what exactly does this “over-education” mean? And more importantly why is this important for YOU to get? From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to video blogs, to newsletters, to podcasts, to the news, to that book, to this book, to your co-worker, to your best friend to you workout partner, to your life partner to you child, to that recipe, to this recipe, to your favourite show… ETC!… we are constantly being “educated” on ‘the best’ health and wellness advice you have ever got. Question: Is it really?

We know we are all biochemically unique, right? That our DNA is different from the next persons DNA setting us apart from the rest? So I ask you then, when it comes to this ingredient, to that diet, to this food to that product to even that exercise, who is to say what is right for YOU?
Question: Do you know what is right for you?

This is wheres things get interesting, and complicated. We live in a world based off of suggestions, referrals, and pure trust in one another’s opinions- regardless of qualifications and expertise. And even then we may know we trust one over the other. And that is okay. Using out gut feeling is always right. But we are all guilty of it and I know I am too: we have all taken that supplement, done that workout, bought that food, or started doing that detox because we saw it as “the best” from any of the above ‘education’ platforms above.

We skim through the headlines, pictures and subtitles of social media platforms on a daily basis ‘educating’ ourself on the latest and greatest. We do this through a single headline or phrase without actually reading the whole article or looking at the bigger picture. We have the ‘latest and greatest’ information coming at us from all directions at all times tying us up from questioning or even thinking the information through. This fast-paced, over-education is what leaves us feeling vulnerable, confused, frustrated, fed-up and unmotivated.

Look, we are all trying to make the shift, the movement, to becoming healthier, happier beings. And let me tell you, nothing excites me more than living and breathing this shift every dang day.

So, what I am called to do is to bring you back, #BacktotheBasics.
Let’s get back to the basics of what health, wellness, and nutrition actually means, feels and looks likes. What the purpose of food is; how our body is made to function; what digestion looks likes; how food makes us feel; what our body tells us; how our mind connects us; and what our poop tells us (get excited for this one) — just to name a few. I am called to help make this shift of looking through the magnifying glass to looking at the bigger picture – the Basics.

I am here, right now (starting with this blog), to create clarity. To guide you through this massive movement using the basics of health and wellness. To provide simple take aways (with the why!) that you can use in your own life to becoming a healthier, happier you. With all said and with massive gratitude, I am so very excited to welcome you. Its time for the #generationofeducation to get #backtothebasics.


Andrea Lewis
Future Holistic Nutritionist

Back to the what? #BacktotheBasics

Hello beautiful people!

The past few weeks I have went deep into thought and discovery of what I wanted #generationofeducation to represent. What do I want to provide to you and who do I want to provide to? What do I want to achieve as I am of service to you and what could you give back to others from my service?

It’s funny how answers come to us through different platforms. First, I attended the Wellness Business Summit this past weekend and meet some pretty amazing people. From brainstorming and idea sharing, to inspiring and guiding, thank to you every one of you — you all know who you are! It’s pretty amazing when a group of like-minded people come together for the purpose of being a greater service to others. I realized we ALL can turn our passion into profit. We just need to become clear on what that passion is first.

Second, are the simple situations that happen to us on a daily basis that directs us to clarity. Just this past week at my fav gym​, two wooden boxes were found jammed on top of one another. The first response from the staff was not so positive. They, as well as the coop student, looked at this task as a difficult one. One employee shared a past experience expressing her hard efforts and frustration while separating the two boxes.

Now, I made the mind shift (and really started to use it in my life not too long ago) to simply taking a step BACK and look at every situation as a “bigger picture” rather than focusing in on the problem (and negative emotions we can get tied up in that prevents us from thinking clearly) as a first step to solving anything. Also, to breath, and to recognize that every situation is a planned lesson for us. As you chance your mindset when faced with an issue the solution will come a lot easier.

So, that’s that I did. I stepped back and looked at the task at hand. While the poor student tried to jam clipboards between the two boxes to lodge them out from another I took it #backtothebasics. I suggested to bring them outside to allow the boxes to shrink. With a bit of scepticism from the surrounding crowd he proceeded to do so.

An hour later form the stretching area, I see the reflection of the box coming in from outside… follow by a sound of squealing joy. The boxes had separated with almost little to no effort. I was soon called a “genius” and the news spread like wild fire throughout the gym.

Moral of the story? Thinking harder and going into more depth isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes we just need to go #backtothebasics to gain clarity. This is where I invite you with open arms (and heart) to the #generationofeducation! Bring you back to the basics of leading a healthier, happier life… and I can’t wait to get started.

Stay tuned my friends x

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Talk with you soon x